09 ноември, 2007

Подкрепете гладната стачка в Columbia University!

Кой каза, че в САЩ няма ляво-мислещи хора? Особено сред младите политическата дейност и то радикалната такава е особено популярна. И не случайно ги наричат "lefties", защото обикновено исканията, които поставят са абсолютно леви по характер. Ето какво получих днес като съобщение във Facebook от една от групите, на които съм член:

Support the Columbia U. hunger strike!!

Sign the online petition:

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Over the past weeks, large groups of students have come together in outrage over the university's conduct on a number of fronts.

We demand a Core Curriculum that is inclusive not only of the canon of Western European thought, but that seeks to build a deep understanding of the multicultural society that we live in and the power relations that constitute it.

We demand a sustainable expansion that does not displace 5,000 people and bulldoze a neighborhood in Harlem, one of the most important communities in the United States.

We demand an administration that is responsive to institutional racism, supports its students, and proactively works to create a climate in which nooses and swastikas are not the order of the day.

We demand support and autonomy for the Ethnic Studies program, which is crucial to a critical intellectual experience in a progressive university.

Until now, our demands have been ignored. Now we strike. Students are launching a HUNGER STRIKE to transform our university. We need YOU to make this a success.

Браво на младите американци, можем само да ги поздравим. Анти-расизъм, равни възможности, устойчиво развитие - социализмът на ХХІ век!

Мисля да навестя всички тези сайтове.